Will We Be On The Edge Of Our Seats For… “The Chair”?

Admittedly, I’ve been very busy. I now have three feature films under my belt, all of which I’m trying desperately to manage, and each of which are in different stages of production. Add to that a new (and much better!) job, becoming engaged, and moving a few times, and it should make sense why I’ve been somewhat MIA. That said, I decided to come out of my hiatus at least to make mention of a new film currently in production that caught my attention.

While I haven’t been given access to the script, I have gathered that “The Chair” is local filmmaker Mike O’D‘s ode to the Roaring 20s, complete with flappers, gangsters, speakeasies, and, of course, The Chair. What is so special about this chair? We’ll have to be patient to find out…

What is so intriguing about this project is the way that O’D has pulled from a few other Boston-based film companies to build his own ragtag crew. Dave and Tracy Sullivan of Sleight of Hand Films and Ungovernable Films are handling casting, location scouting, and several other production departments. O’D worked with the Sullivans on Gay Jesus and The Streets Run Red, Ungovernable Films’ last two productions, on which O’D was assistant director.

Starring David Afflick and Seraphim Ann D’Andrea, “The Chair” will be a short thriller shot on the Red Dragon camera and will be shot in various locations in Boston, including the lavish nightclub Savvor, and O’D’s production company Bald Dog Productions will be taking the helm with O’D himself in the Director’s Chair.

It’s no wonder this project, while being so intriguing, has been kept so hush-hush. O’D wrote it himself and has been working with the Sullivans quietly to get the ball rolling, but without releasing any information other than the bare necessities to the public. Hell, even the facebook page is just a picture of a chair with only two likes. Knowing O’D and his crew, this will be a high quality picture, but the lack of publicity and promotions has me already on the edge of my chair! Er… I mean my seat!

Thanks for reading!

Paul M McAlarney is the primary writer for and founder of Boston Independent Film Review.
Paul M McAlarney is a writer for and founder of the BOSTON INDEPENDENT FILM REVIEW.

Paul is an alumnus of the UMASS Amherst and Boston Sociology undergraduate program. While not writing local independent film reviews, Paul is a writer of novels, theater, and the screen, as well as a film director, podcast co-host, entrepreneur, and employment coordinator at a mental health clubhouse. Paul can be reached at pmcalarn17@gmail.com.


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