An Eternity in Five Minutes

On Her Way is a short film directed by Raeshelle Cooke, and though it’s over in a flash, the character’s internal struggle seems to stretch out for an excruciating eternity. Unkempt and paranoid, afraid to leave her ratted-out apartment, the main character receives a concerned email from her mother, an invitation to discuss the poor state of her life. The remainder of the film depicts the character’s dread over leaving her hovel.

It’s apparent from just about the first shot that she hasn’t left her place in a while–a long while. She’s a prisoner in her own home, thanks to her shadowy tormentor, who wears a big-ass Pharrell hat, and prowls openly outside her house, like a predator that vastly overpowers its intended prey. She paces around her cramped apartment. At one point she picks up a clarinet and looks at it longingly, and then a guitar. Could she have had a brilliant career? The film doesn’t offer enough specifics to clue the viewer into the character’s major affliction. Drugs? Mental illness? Certainly some dark personal demons…

Although brief, the film has a beginning, middle, and end, all whilst balancing a sense of tension. If the film has any weak point, I’d have to say the score. The music is tense and eerie and well-performed, but it never veers into sinister or tormenting. The actions of the main character and the soundtrack underneath didn’t necessarily jive at all times. If we’re witnessing someone’s personal hell, shouldn’t the music be a little more menacing? But other than that, it’s pretty cohesive front-to-back. And like many of the films that find their way onto this blog, this one is only like 5 minutes, so just shut-up and watch it.


Michael W Roberts lives in Medford, MA. He is a freelance writer with a passion for independent film. "Taxi Driver" is his favorite film.
Michael W Roberts is an Associate Writer for BOSTON INDEPENDENT FILM REVIEW.

An alumnus of the UMASS Amherst Journalism undergraduate program, Michael lives in Medford, MA and spends his time in local parks, contemplating life. Michael can be reached at


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