Boston’s Finest Take On Another Horror Feature!

Following the ambitious production of their first feature-length project, Bloody Hammer Films has announced its next endeavor: “Nursing Home of Death”. Previously titled “It Knows What Scares You”, “Nursing Home of Death” is even more of a throwback to exploitative horror flicks like George Romero classics or Dario Argento B-Horror romps. Where “Honky Holocaust” donated a share of its theme and plot to social activism, albeit not without a lethal dose of obscenity and inevitable controversy, “Nursing Home of Death” stays true to the nihilistic rollercoaster rides of classic American horror stories.

Conceived initially as a short film by Thomas Delcarpio with “Rubber Whore Hell” co-conspirator Nick Lazarro on as assistant director, the film formerly known as “It Knows What Scares You” was put on the backburner due to independent production hell. Now, with Bloody Hammer Films behind him, “Nursing Home of Death” is ready to burst forth from the well-dilated vaginal mind of Delcarpio and onto the silver screen!

Delcarpio has resurrected his original production notes and storyboards but rewritten much of the script to warrant a feature-length production, some of which are available here: []. Staying true to the incestual nature of independent film, Delcarpio is recycling many actors from Bloody Hammer Films’ last production, “Honky Holocaust”, as well as the Director of Photography Nick Norrman, the Casting Director Lucas Fleming, and has promoted himself from his role as Assistant Director and Art Director on “Honky Holocaust” to just plain Director for “Nursing Home of Death”. “Honky Holocaust” director Paul M McAlarney will be playing a lead role in “Nursing Home of Death”, alongside fellow Bloody Hammer Films producers Alex E Edwards and Krisoula Varoudakis. Among the other individuals who will be appearing in “Nursing Home of Death” after their roles in “Honky Holocaust” are Bob Sergi, Dave Sullivan, John Ewing, and many others.

“Nursing Home of Death” sets its sights on an unspecified abandoned – you guessed it – nursing home, a building that, though now vacant, was at one time the establishment where a male nurse named Seth Daley, played by Dave Sullivan, went bananas and murdered all the elderly residents who called the place their home. Years later, three young adults – Edwards, McAlarney, and Varoudakis – decide to break in and explore the derelict structure, only to find that Daley and his victims aren’t quite dead – or are they? Set to begin filming in June 2013, pre-production is well underway in Everett, Massachusetts, with assistant director Lucas Fleming and director Thomas Delarpio working tirelessly to prepare the sets, the props, the wardrobe, and of course, the GORE.

Stay tuned to learn more about “Nursing Home of Death”, Bloody Hammer Films’ other projets, and many more independent films in the Boston area! You can also check out Bloody Hammer Films on their facebook page at, their website at, or follow them on twitter – @BloodyHammerFlm.

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Paul M McAlarney is the primary writer for and founder of Boston Independent Film Review.
Paul M McAlarney is a writer for and founder of the BOSTON INDEPENDENT FILM REVIEW.

Paul is an alumnus of the UMASS Amherst and Boston Sociology undergraduate program. While not writing local independent film reviews, Paul is a writer of novels, theater, and the screen, as well as a film director, podcast co-host, entrepreneur, and vacuum cleaner salesperson. Paul can be reached at


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